ECU Remaps

ECU Remaps Huddersfield

Working with MM Group Ltd, we now offers a no nonsense ECU remap service

MM Group Ltd’s Director has written this analogy to try and explain his frustration with the ECU remapping industry and how we hope our no nonsense approach is a refreshing alternative.

“A remap is very much like new wheels, more grip, more performance, more safety… we here at MM Group and Autolec use only the best wheels carefully making sure the wheels fit in the wheel arches and don’t collide with the suspension and provide maximum gains. Some people claim to offer custom wheels, well thats a very complicated and expensive process and not many people can do it properly or even make the wheels round! Of course some people can produce something round, which would spin but not at its optimum and soon the suspension and other elements will become damaged and fail… that’s what most of local tuners call custom. On the other hand there are generic maps, universal wheel will fit everything, it’s round but sometimes too small or too big.

We won’t bullsh*t you and tell you we write the maps ourselves, because we don’t, but at least the people who work with us know what they are doing and use road testing and rolling roads to develop our class leading maps.”

Benefits of an ECU remap

  • Increased BHP
  • Increased Torque
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Improved Driveability
  • Increased Responsiveness

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