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CAT 6 Stolen Vehicle Tracker

Stolen vehicle trackers are descretly fitted to any type of vehicle and uses GPS to locate the vehicle, the tracker remains dorment until either the tracker detects any unauthorised movement or when you report the vehicle as stolen. In the event of a theft the tracker company assist the police to locate and recover your vehicle as quickly as possible. If you drive a high value or high risk vehicle installing a car tracking device can offer a discount on your insurance premium.

Autolec supply and fit SmarTrack Protector Pro Global Thatcham CAT6 tracking device which has the added bonus feature of a free Android and Apple app to keep tabs on your vehicle. Get your vehicle protected with SmarTrack Protector Pro Global for just £249 plus competative subscriptions.

Smartrack Protector Pro Global
SPECIAL OFFER £199 inc VAT supplied and fitted Normally £249

£12.50 per month
£149 per year
£399 lifetime of vehicle ownership

CAT 5 Tracking device

Autolec are Huddersfields only SmarTrack approved CAT 5 tracker installers, CAT 5 trackers offer the maximum security for your vehicle incorporating a stolen vehicle tracker with an immobilser and driver ID tags to ensure in the event of a theft that your pride and joy is returned to you as quickly as possible. A Thatcham CAT5 tracker offers ultimate protection for even the most expensive vehicle.

Free Car Tracking App

The Global telemetrics app is free for  all SmarTrack trackers to track your vehicles on the go.



Fleet Management Tracker

Fleet management (or asset management) tracking devices are designed for fleets of vehicles of any type or size where the owner wants to monitor their whereabouts. They can be quickly installed to any type of vehicle and then the vehicle tracked via the internet the information available include current location, journey logs, max speed and idling time all of this information can be used to increase company efficiency of for example re-routing a fleet of delivery vans onto a shorter/quicker route. Our trackers offer excellent value for money Fleet management tracking with low subcription costs.

Fonix telematics fleet tracking


Fonix Telematics fleet tracking

Fonix Telematics fleet tracking web interface benefits from these features:

  • See your vehicle via your computer or mobile device without any additional software (included in the standard subscription)
  • Free Android and Apple Fonix telematics App.
  • Multi Geo-Fence – ‘Geo-Fence option enables you to put one circular area around a location, this can generate an email if required when vehicle enters or has left the Geo-fence area’
  • Reports – The site offers multiple reports giving you a variety of information including Journey, Timesheet and All activity’.
  • Street Mapping – Street view level mapping via Premium Google Maps.
  • Speed Warnings – Set your own ideal speed limit – if the vehicle travels over that speed then you will receive an email telling you
  • Our tracking device is 12 and 24 volt compatible

Fonix Telematics fleet tracker

£99+VAT per vehicle supplied and fitted

From £10+VAT per month