in-car DAB Radio – Digital Radio

In Car DAB Radio

DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) radio is a great way to listen to the music you want on the move, with over many more stations available than FM you can be sure there will be one you love and with new stations being added all the time nows a great time to get digital radio in your car, At Autolec HD we offer two DAB radio solutions.

Alpine EZI-DAB

The universal Alpine Ezi-DAB is a sleek DAB radio that can integrate into any car radio with its various connection options, it uses a discreet screen mounted antenna to provide great signal strength without an extra external aerial being fitted to your vehicle.

  • Detachable controller with white high contrast OELD displayAlpine EZI DAB- digital radio
  • 5 illumination colours for controller buttons (blue/green/red/amber/white)
  • Auto-Dimmer function
  • Connection for iPod/iPhone/iPad (Standard Apple cable required) and USB with full music control and charging
  • Pause and rewind live digital radio
  • AUX input, Line output, USB upgradeable
  • 30 presets



DABmotion is a truly universal product offering high quality Digital Radio to all motorists.
Do you listen to Digital Radio at home? DABmotion allows you to continue to enjoy that experience on the road – from Absolute 80s to XFM via BBC 6 Music and Planet Rock – Enjoy your journey.

Much like a television digibox, DABmotion utilizes any current equipment and adds the ability to receive and process digital signal.
By using RDS technology all station and track information is shown on the original stereo’s display.

  • Wireless Digital Radio InterfaceDABMotion dab radio
  • Patented Auto-tune technology
  • User-Friendly Operation
  • Store your favourite stations
  • Station, track & artist information displayed via RDS text
  • 3.5mm Aux-in cable for music streaming – Supports iPod or MP3 device
  • High performance screen mount antenna included