CGON Hydrogen Fuel Additive

CGON Hydrogen Fuel Additive

Autolec HD are approved installers of CGON Hydrogen fuel additve systems, CGON manufactures a range of hydrogen fuel additive systems designed to reduce emissions, increase fuel efficiency and keep diesel particulate filters clean.It’s the technology the world has been waiting for, and with so many possible applications, the benefits are clear – not just for the environment, but also for your wallet.



Keeps DPFs clean

If your vehicle suffers from a regularly clogged DPF, installing an ezero unit will not only clean your existing DPF, it will keep it clean.


cgon dpf

Increases fuel efficiency

Drivers in the real world report savings around 20% on their fuel bills.

fuel economy

How it works

By adding a small amount of the hydrogen produced by the patented technology in CGON’s units, combustion is enhanced when hydrogen atoms migrate between the fuel molecules. This means that nearly all of the fuel is burnt and fewer emissions or particulates are expelled into the air.


 £459 inc VAT fully fitted

Compatible with all diesel and petrol engines